10 reasons why you need one


You don’t know it yet, but you’re going to love everything I’m going to do for you. Yes, you will.
So here we go with the 10 (main) reasons why you won’t be able to do without this way of taking photos.

A wedding photojournalist is a type of photographer who specialises in capturing the authentic, spontaneous moments of your wedding day, without staging or directing.

Think of him or her as a visual storyteller who blends into the backdrop of your ceremony and reception to document the laughter, the tears, the glances exchanged and the little anecdotes that make your wedding unique.

Instead of asking you to pose or re-enact moments, the photojournalist captures events as they naturally unfold, allowing you to relive the real and emotional story of your special day through their images.

This approach ensures that the memories captured faithfully reflect the essence and atmosphere of your wedding, focusing on the heartfelt moments and pure emotions shared between you, your family and friends.

1. You are not comfortable in front of a camera

If the idea of posing makes you as comfortable as a cat in a bathtub, don’t panic! That’s what wedding photojournalists are for.

Forget tense smiles and frozen poses worthy of a shop-window mannequin. The basis of a photojournalist is to make yourself invisible while keeping an eye on as many people as possible at the same time. They capture laughter, tears and glances of love without you even noticing.

The best thing about MJ photographers: you always get a couple’s session, well before the wedding, so that you can familiarise yourself with my way of working and feel even more at ease and confident on the big day.

2. You're reluctant to pose even for group photos

If the idea of freezing yourself smiling for a group photo makes you break out in a cold sweat and conjures up painful memories of school photos, take a breath! The wedding photojournalist is your ally.

Here, too, there are plenty of tricks that make for lively group photos, without the need to say “marmoset” to the point of losing your dignity.

Expect to laugh a lot, because what you surely don’t expect is everything I’m going to make you and your guests do.

3. Your friends are important

Your friends, those everyday heroes who can turn any situation into an episode of a sitcom. Why reduce them to mere extras on a wedding set?

A wedding photojournalist is a bit like the director of the comedy of the year, capturing every laugh, every dance and every moment of friendship with disconcerting naturalness.

Gone are the tidy rows and forced smiles; replaced by laughter, complicity and the many files you’ll have on them.

With it, your friends aren’t just there, they’re the stars of an unforgettable day, without even needing to rehearse their lines.

4. You want a photographer who understands you

The first quality of a photojournalist is to feel things.

The more experienced they are, the more they will feel things, even hidden things. They know how to read between the lines of your knowing glances and interpret the secret language of your smiles. There’s no need to draw him a picture or explain for the umpteenth time that no, Aunt Gertrude absolutely mustn’t be in the foreground of every photo. He captures the atmosphere, your personalities and even your little idiosyncrasies without you realising.

5. You're afraid of the unexpected

As a wedding photojournalist, chaos is my cup of tea.

The more things happen, the more things go off in all directions and the more fun I have.

There’s one very important thing to remember: you’ll never be able to control everything. On the other hand, for your photographer, there will be plenty of opportunities for memorable photos, and you can be sure that these will count for more than the ones where everything went according to plan.

So don’t worry, you can let go, your photojournalist is on the lookout!

6. There are moments not to be missed

Some crucial moments last just a few seconds.

Until you’ve been there, you have no idea how short the exit from the church or the lay ceremony is.

It takes a great deal of wedding experience not to miss these moments in photographs. You absolutely need a photographer who has experience in the field, but who is also capable of adapting at lightning speed.

That’s what a photojournalist will give you, because this kind of thing is their daily life.

photographe mariage église Ayguevives

7. You want a disconnected wedding

Opting for a disconnected marriage is a bit like trying to convince a child that eating vegetables is just as cool as eating sweets. Mission impossible?

Not with a wedding photojournalist! He’s the guardian of the temple of disconnection. There’s no need for a forest of smartphones to rise up at every key moment.

You’ll be able to tell everyone to enjoy themselves while the pro (yes, that’s me!) takes care of the photos they can download for free.

If you don’t, all you’ll have instead of your precious guests’ faces are phones. Imagine: smiling faces instead of glowing screens, bursts of laughter without the incessant clicking of cameras. Thanks to it, your wedding becomes an oasis of real human connection.

8. You don't want to lose your photos

Entrusting your wedding photos to Uncle René and his new camera is a bit like entrusting a cake recipe to a 5-year-old: the result may be surprising, but not necessarily what you’d hoped for.

A professional photographer, on the other hand :

  • Will come with spare cameras just in case
  • Bring spare memory cards
  • Work with top-of-the-range pro equipment that saves your photos on 2 memory cards at any one time
  • Make at least one backup of all your photos as soon as he gets home
  • And in my case, I’ll have a lifetime copy of the photos I give you on my secure cloud, because in life you never know what might happen. So in any case, even 10 years from now, you can come back and see me if you’ve lost them.

9. You want someone who knows how to make you look good

Choosing a professional for your wedding is a bit like having a personal stylist look after your image, but with a camera instead of a make-up bag.

This image magician knows how to capture your best side, even if you thought you’d lost it somewhere between the buffet and the dance floor. Forget the forced poses that make you look like a mannequin in a shop window. The photojournalist knows how to find beauty in the authenticity of the moment.

Here again, you won’t need to pose.

10. You like artistic photos

Did you know that a wedding photographer takes raw photos? In other words, they are in a much richer format than you would take with a telephone, for example, and are of much better quality.

All this makes it possible to apply professional retouching, which can be very advanced.

This allows you to take a photo to its maximum potential.

It also allows you to work on a lot of things in an artistic way. You’ll be amazed at what you can do, wherever you’re getting married.