Tomoko & Nuno

Couple shoot in Lisbon (Portugal)

Couple photographer Lisbon (Portugal)


An engagement session at the Nations Park in Lisbon

Romantic walk

Couple shooting in Portugal

Wedding photographer in Portugal

Tomoko, the Japanese, and Nuno, the Portuguese, met in Nice, France, and decided to have a couple's session in the "parc das naçoes" in Lisbon, Portugal, where they now live to celebrate their move to the Portuguese capital.

A session in English

Both speak English, so it was in this language that we discussed throughout this 2-hour walk through the streets of this magnificent, very modern and upscale neighborhood.

The choice of a French wedding photographer

Since Nuno already knew my very graphic work through his cousin whom I had already photographed, it was very natural that they called on my services for this new mission in Lisbon.


Looking for a photographer for your wedding in Portugal?

Please note that my rates already include travel, whether you are in France or in Portugal. You will therefore benefit from the same rates as my brides in Toulouse. I am fluent in French, English and Spanish and am currently taking Portuguese lessons. Communicating with you and your guests will therefore not be a problem for me.


Wedding photographer in Portugal

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