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3 chic country wedding decoration ideas


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The chic country wedding theme


A theme? What does it consist of?

It seems that getting married means solving two problems that we would never have had alone ;)

The choice of the theme is one of those, from the preparations. Just after the choice of the date, it is one of the first difficulties encountered by all couples when organizing their wedding: agreeing on the theme.


Wedding themes

The theme of your wedding, will be a signal that you will send to your guests so that they will be in harmony with the decoration that you will have chosen, the room, the music, the meal and other animations...

On a few posts, in this blog, we will try to give you an overview of the themes most frequently encountered in our weddings. We start, therefore, with the country theme.

Wedding photographer toulouse haute garonne domaine de Beyssac theme champetre chic


3 ideas of country decoration chic or campaign chic wedding

You and your valentine want your romantic day to be about nature? Follow our tips for chic country table decorations for trendy brides and grooms.


A country banquet hall?

Once you know what you want, the second thing that's going to be important is to find a room that fits with what you've chosen for the atmosphere.
In our case, a chic country theme, a farmhouse, a vineyard, an olive grove or the garden of your grandparents' estate... In fact, rather than a room, we will often seek to be outside, as close as possible to nature.


The codes of chic country decor

The theme of the country wedding, campaign theme, is a very fashionable trend in recent years, for those who feel close to nature and want a simple but chic and bucolic marriage, or even with an ecological trend. This theme, in the spirit, evokes, therefore, nature (just like the bohemian style), elegance and rustic chic. We can include shabby style furniture or pieces from the recovery, or even vintage furniture to adopt a retro country style.


Flowers in rustic mode

In terms of flowers, for the bride's bouquet, her wreath or the floral compositions of the table centerpieces, the hairstyle, bet on natural wild flowers which will be more in line with the theme.


And is the dress country?

Usually, it's more of a flowing, bohemian-looking dress that you'll find around the bride. For the groom, it's more about the buttonhole.
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Country lighting

Wedding photographer toulouse haute garonne theme champetre chic campagnard

On the lighting level, the garlands of light around the trees and above the room, indoors, will delight your guests.

On the D-day, it may be the decoration that is country or the whole wedding by the way, the menu, the dishes, the place-markers, the candy bar, a ball orchestra, tables outside in the garden or the field, gifts for the guests, rose petals for the ceremony exit.
Be careful, however, not to overdo it, at the risk of overloading your decoration and, therefore, losing naturalness and elegance.


Typical country materials and colours

For tables, tablecloths and accessories, choose beautiful materials such as raw wood, linen, rope, lace, jute and glass. In colours, you will find light brown, kraft, white, ecru and ivory. Discover many small home-made DIY objects available at Pinterest to be realized in your own way so that your wedding decoration is original and in your image.

In our case, for the ceremony, the meal and the evening, our bride and groom had made a decoration with a nice mix of chic and country for their wedding.


Our chic country wedding halls

We invite you to take a little tour of the room decorations of three of our 2019 wedding couples, in their chosen location, to make you want to. Maybe you will find the idea or the elements you need to create to perfect your rustic ambience or to give you a new inspiration for your wedding.
You will see, in these photographs :
Samantha & Alexis - Wedding at the Domaine de Beyssac
Karine and Thomas at Le Miroir des Lys, which you will find later in our blog.
Perrine and Romain, whose beautiful commitment session in Toulouse.


Chic country wedding decoration ideas

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