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Our wedding dresses from Toulouse

Details of our wedding dresses
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A story of wedding dresses

wedding dresses details

Photos of our Toulouse bridal gown details


As would say Florence Foresti, women marry for the dress and men marry for... (I'll let you finish.)

Wedding dresses

If there's only one essential element to marriage, it would be the princess dress that every little girl's dreamed of all her life. Romantic and fabulous dresses that remind them of all those fairy tales from Disney that have cradled them since they were little, not to forget the accessories....

Our brides from Toulouse

The photos of the dresses you are about to discover in this article will show you our brides met in Toulouse this year, our brides of St Orens or our brides from Aveyron but, of course, today's fashion is not all local, everything is valid, whether you make a marriage in Paris, in Barcelona, London or Milan.

The bride's shining eyes

Coupe Évasée Longueur ras du sol Robe de mariée fluide
Karine at the Miroir des Lys

Her eyes, but not that... It's the part of the prep where everyone holds their breath. The emotion is palpable. Everybody has already sobbed during the fitting appointment in the shop, to find your precious, the dress of your dreams, but it doesn't change anything...

There are several types of bridal wear :

Princess dresses

Adjusted up to the waist, it is flared at ground level to lengthen your silhouette and often has a bustier, as for this wedding in Plaisance-du-Touch.

Sheath dresses

This dress is like the previous one, except that at ground level, the dress will continue to follow the lines of your body. Small brides love it.
You have it in this marriage in St Antonin-Noble-Val.

Mermaid dresses

This time, your body is only followed up to the knee. This is the model of choice for slender brides-to-be.
You've got it in that Sri Lankan wedding in Paris

The empire dresses

the flared side starts just below the breasts. This very practical feature makes it possible, if necessary, to hide very pronounced hips.

The crinoline dresses

That's what I've always called the princess dress, or Disney dress. It is very flared below the waist, which will be interesting for both slender brides and brides with pronounced hips.
On the other hand, expect to have a little more trouble getting through the doors ;)
Here in this wedding at the Prince's Mansion in Portet.

Flawless Cut Flush Length Wedding Dress
Adeline in Portet-sur-Garonne

Bohemian or neo-bohemian wedding dresses

There are several names for this style of dress.
In fact, did you know that the bohemian style originally refers to anything that comes from Bohemia which is a region of the Czech Republic in Central Europe? In the 19th century, the Bohemian woman was known for her style of dress, which consisted of easy-going and easy-care pieces. Modest, comfortable and carefree clothing.
Today, the neo-bohemian style is more of an artistic and romantic state of mind that became fashionable in the 70s with the arrival of the hippies.
The style of bohemian wedding dress will be characterized by large, fluid, airy and comfortable pieces to wear in lace, silk or cotton.
This was the style of dress that we had for this wedding in Marmande.

Short wedding dresses

This is a current trend that is also being observed. In general, it will be more for the civil ceremony or evening for brides who have opted for the choice of 2 dresses, but sometimes it will be the dress of the whole day. The advantage is that you will have a good chance of being able to use it again later.
Please note, that from time to time, we will have 2 wedding dresses, also for mixed wedding reasons. In this case, it will be the occasion to have one dress for each origin of the two brides, as for this wedding at the Domaine du Beyssac.

New fashion for dresses

It would appear that the trend in the new collections would be to the bottom coloration. NWe haven't had the chance to photograph such a model yet, but we think it would definitely be an opportunity to put a little more rock'n'roll and have an original wedding dress in our D-Day.

Last detail : the lace

This is the detail that will catch our attention the most when we talk about bridal wear. Whether it is bohemian, chic, vintage, country or rock'n'roll, lace is part of contemporary bridal wear and the 2020 models we've seen pass by are no exception. It's the most seductive..

original photo lace lace Wedding dress fluid
Mathilde in Toulouse

So lovers of Calais lace, crêpe, chiffon, embroidered tulle and other whipped lace, guipures and plumetis, here are some wedding dress photos for you, taken by the two of your Toulouse photographers.

Ps: Wedding dresses in Toulouse

If you are looking for a bridal shop in Toulouse, here is one, very famous and with a charming welcome, with whom we often work : Cymbeline Toulouse

Our wedding dresses details - Toulouse - Portet-sur-Garonne