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5 first dances in
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photos of first dances in different wedding areas of Toulouse (31 - France)

It's kind of a welcoming ritual on the dance floor. A way to end this beautiful day in style. The bride and groom open the ball, and then all the guests can join in. Let's take a discreet look at the rooms in 5 different reception areas.

Wedding photographer toulouse haute garonne domaine de Beyssac

The type of first dance

This is the traditional moment of your wedding, the pas de deux that kicks off the evening of this great day. Whether it is with her father or her husband, it is always the bride who is the first on the dance floor and the groom who joins her at the same time or just after, for a simple dance for two like the waltz or a slow dance (yes it is still danced!). !), a more technical dance like rock or salsa, a choreography for two or more people, worked for long months or totally improvised, a battle between the witnesses of the two spouses.
In a few rare cases, the bride and groom will prefer to celebrate this moment by calling everyone present on the dancefloor to start the hostilities. The advantage is that it will require much less organization.


Lighting for the first dance

Very important and often neglected thing: if you want to have beautiful pictures of your first dance, absolutely avoid lasers that make dots or lines in all directions. You will have the impression to have multiple scarring on your photos and you don't want that for your wedding. Prefer rooms with stable lighting, colored or not. Depending on the areas, the lighting of the track will already be installed, otherwise you'll have to see it beforehand with the DJ.

PWedding photographer toulouse haute garonne domaine de Rochemontes

Remember to take care of the decor as well, don't leave cocktail glasses, tables or chairs from the ceremony lying around, behind you for example, or half-open doors, people standing around filming with their flashes...it would spoil the beauty of the place, especially when taking pictures.
Make sure that the caterer plans to stop the service at that time. They are usually conscientious, but prevention is better than cure.


The state of mind for the first wedding dance

It's your wedding day, this moment is clearly yours! You can take all the time you want. The time to get on stage, the time to hug you, the time to enjoy the moment, it will be totally unique. It will be YOUR moment at the reception. Let the charm work its way through.
Put yourself in a place in the room, with space, where your guests will be able to see you. This moment is beautiful, they will usually want to enjoy it too.


Technical details for your wedding dress

Very important, if you have a very long dress, for example, you will have to think of a way for you to be free of your movements. Wedding dresses often have an attachment designed for this purpose.

Some brides plan a different dress for the evening or a dress bottom that can be removed.
Remember to warm up a little, it would be a pitty to hurt yourself just before the evening launch.
You are ready, you will be the best!

Wedding estates around Toulouse

Whether you dream for your wedding of a green garden setting with a view of the Pyrenees, in the heart of a wine domain for example, or a residence close to the city, a domain where you can have the brunch the next day with your guests in the garden around a large swimming pool, or the castle for weddings with its guest rooms and its park of several hectares, for the secular ceremony, overlooking a beautiful lake, the Toulouse region, does not lack assets with its many prestigious estates, small or large capacity, isolated in nature but always close to Toulouse.
In this article, you will find a list of 5 estates in Haute-Garonne, where we have photographed the first dances, all different from each other.
You can click on each title to access the domain's website.


L'entretoise in Seysse

A beautiful originality for us with the welcome of the bride and groom with these scintillating, of all beauty, who accompanied Anaïs and Baptiste in this place, with a room lit in blue. It was magnificent!
You can find them on this article:
Wedding at Plaisance-du-Touch


The Domaine du Beyssac

...and its rainwater pool.

Wedding photographer toulouse haute garonne domaine du Beyssac

Samantha & Alexis had prepared us a choreography of ballroom dance, in the covered space, before the caterer took everyone to the park for the wedding cake.
The whole wedding is here:
Wedding at Toulouse Capitole and Domaine de Beyssac


The Rochemontes estate

...and its beautiful castle above the Garonne.

Wedding photographer toulouse haute garonne domaine de Rochemontes

Kathy & Valere had played it quietly before lighting the fire for the rest of the evening, in the purest tradition of African weddings.
Wedding at the Domaine de Rochemontes - Toulouse

The Mirror of Lilies

...and his beautiful garden.
Now, watch out, we're attacking the craziest wedding of 2019. You'll soon have an article on this beautiful day completely out of control with its dance battles with the groom's team against the bride's team and a nice couple session at sunset.


The Prince's mansion

Adeline & Arnaud, had wanted it, them, very intimate. Very little light for a sharing only between the groom and the bride, in a setting of typical stones and bricks from Toulouse.
Pastel wedding at the Manoir du Prince (Toulouse)


First dances and wedding domain Toulouse

C'est à vous, on espère vous avoir inspiré avec ces quelques idées et conseils pour votre mariage.
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