Engagement session

on the quays of St Cyprien (Toulouse)

Engagement session in Toulouse (France)


What if we enjoy the sunset?

Engagement session at St Cyprien

love session in Toulouse (France)

Couple photo session at sunset

Chance has it right: the only time and day available for our two lovers coincided with this superb sunset in Toulouse, the same one we had on this couple's photo session at Cap-d'Antibes.
We had never tried to brave the very touristy St Cyprien district for couple photos. We've now done that and I think we've done it pretty well. :)

Golden hour in town

An opportunity to do some nice backlighting with our couple. Moreover one of these photos has been awarded a prize of engagement photo by the very popular site WPJA (Wedding Photo-Journalism Association). It is always a great satisfaction for us to be able to give always more and to satisfy our couples.

Wedding photographer toulouse haute garonne engagement love session photo shoot couple


Lovers' Photographers

The opportunity, also, to put them in the best conditions to allow them to let go and feel completely at home. We have a lot of games for this purpose, but you won't know more about it ;)

Importance of an engagement session

A few months before, we had met Perrine, the Toulouse native and Romain, the Nice native. They had decided to unite shortly after this meeting with us.

It became urgent to find a moment when we could discover what they liked in pictures, to discover how they were evolving in front of us. To find a moment when we could see how the four of us could function so that we could all be at ease with each other.

Indeed, being comfortable with someone who will be with you all day long on one of the most important days of your life is something that is very important and it is for us, too.

It's also an opportunity for them to realize how you can take beautiful pictures of them without them realizing it.

The opportunity to reassure themselves that we're going to manage everything and that it's going to go well, on their wedding day, without them having to ask themselves any more questions than that.

Here's a little preview of what we gave back to them.

Commitment session in Toulouse

M&J - Wedding Photographers in Toulouse

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