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We’ll do nothing but have fun and you’ll be surprised with the result!


Couple photo shooting
Engagement session
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how does it work?


Shooting photo couple Autumn photographer Toulouse Occitania France
Toulouse 2018

Shooting photo couple autumn photographer Toulouse Occitania France
Cap d’Antibes 2019

A special moment as a couple

where you don't have to worry about anything...

The Principle

It's simple: go for a walk with your favorite photographer (yes it's me...well I think) and let him take pictures of the lovers that you are.
No question of studio photography, here, it's really natural that we will go for and outside, not at all posed.

I know, you're going to say to me: "but how can we be natural with this guy who sticks to us and doesn't stop moving?"

Let me answer, I feel like I'm being targeted. As Jean Rostand used to say, "one calls "forgetting oneself" to regain one's naturalness".
In other words, it's not me that I'm going to make you forget, but yourself! You and your self-control...

Tell yourself that at your wedding, if it's an engagement session, you will have many more people around you who will observe you (at least that's the best I wish for you). It's kind of a little rehearsal that we're going to do together. Don't thank me, it's a gift.

How does it work?

Without telling you too much (you have to keep a bit of surprise, though), the first principle I'm going to use with you is the distraction of your brain. Because that's the problem, actually.
I'm going to make it so busy that your real emotions as a couple will have no choice but to take care of themselves.

Photographe shooting couple Lyon
Lyon 2018

I'm going to play with you a lot, I'm going to be sadistic sometimes (yes it's a lot of fun), nice too (rarely in fact...) and above all, I'm going to make this real YOU free, in front of my camera.

Photographer shooting couple Toulouse Haute-Garonne autumn
Toulouse 2017

How's the photo shoot going?

let's start from the beginning


So there are the couples of lovers who are fans of the themes or who will want to be in the colors of their upcoming wedding and then ... there are the others, those for whom the most important will be to be with their everyday clothes or those who will take the opportunity to take out their bullfighter's outfit ... ;)

More seriously, this is YOUR moment, so all ideas are good and welcome and the more unusual or eccentric they are, the more they will motivate me!
As long as it's something that looks like you, it's a good idea.

The only thing I might advise against, during our preliminary appointment, would be to come with striped or patterned clothes, because it might be more difficult, depending on the place, to fit in with the environment.
I would also advise you to try to match both of you in terms of colours, unless we decide to play it completely different.

Then we'll decide on a place that speaks to both of you. If you don't have an idea, I'll have a lot to offer you: some in Toulouse, some in the surrounding area, and sometimes even sites abroad (for abroad, I'll even give you a kiss).


As I explained in the previous chapter "How does it work?", on the same day, I will help you to completely clear your mind and live in the moment. I will bring you to have photographs of this real person that you are, with his qualities but also his small defects, with his strengths but also his tender weaknesses.

Trust me, I am not short of tricks and advice to achieve my goals ...

Photographer shooting couple Toulouse Haute-Garonne
Toulouse - Prairie des filtres



After our session, I will take the time to choose the photos that will best tell the story of our experience together, the ones that will show little details of you that you may never have noticed.
I will work on all of them and I will return 20 to 30 of them to you for the one-hour sessions, for example.
You will have your album on a private professional web gallery.

Photographer shooting couple Toulouse Haute-Garonne
Toulouse 2018
Photographer shooting couple Toulouse Haute-Garonne
Toulouse 2018

How long does a couple's photo shoot last?

(actually: how long are we going to have fun...)

In France (generally)

The shortest photographic walk I do with my couples of lovers, lasts 1 hour. From experience, it's really a minimum if I want to make you feel comfortable. Basically, this is the length of time that I offer to all my future brides and grooms in their performance.

Photographer shooting couple Côte-d'Azur PACA Provence mediterannee
Cap d'Antibes 2019

With two hours of photography, we'll get a really great result.

Beyond that, even better, we'll be able to go to several places and have more and more varied photos. The longer the duration, the more comfortable and relaxed you will be. Follow my advice: be generous with yourself


Abroad or in certain places in France, which I'll give you the list when we talk., your 2-hour pledge session will be worth 4!

We will be free to go there together or to join us if you are not from Toulouse or Haute-Garonne, only the cost of the trip, at the real price, is extra, but I can guarantee you that with today's transport prices, whatever the destination, you will gain at the exchange rate.
If we do your wedding together and we met only by videoconference, it will also be an opportunity to discover each other and spend time together.

Be careful, this possibility will only be in place during the year 2020 !!

Photographer shooting couple Côte d'Azur PACA Provence Mediterranea
Cap d'Antibes 2019

Photographer shooting couple Toulouse Rammonville Haute-Garonne autumn
Ramonville 2019

When's the commitment season?

( Love season is when? )


He who sows nothing in spring reaps nothing in autumn (Danish proverb).

Photographer shooting couple Toulouse Haute-Garonne

Are you planning to get married this fall? It's time to sow!
More seriously, spring is the ideal season for all those who love flowers, buds, nature and even the presence of animals who sometimes come to show us how much they can lack modesty sometimes...



"People are always surprised that you don't leave Paris in the summer, not realizing that it's precisely because they leave it that you stay there." (Henry de Montherlant)

Photographer shooting couple Toulouse Haute-Garonne

The sun is high, it's hot, it's hard... in short, we'll have to be prepared to be hot, yes, but also to enjoy all those crowded urban places in normal times.

We'll also be able to do sessions at night, or on a boat, or go to a site that was too cool until now, like, let's be crazy, the beach of LÅNGHOLMENS BAD in Stockholm.


"Sad is autumn for the one who can't cheer it up."
Cheer up? Yes, I am!

Photographer shooting couple Toulouse Haute-Garonne

I love autumn. It's not cold yet, it's not too hot, either. The colors are golden, the sunsets are fiery, we can put the kids to bed earlier...

I promise you glitter, golden leaves, in your pictures!



"Canada has two seasons, winter and July."

Photographer shooting couple Toulouse Haute-Garonne

So if you love Canada, you'll love to have very clear pictures, or in the mountains, under the snow and, hopefully, with some snowflakes falling.
The opportunity for you to be THE couple who can keep me from hibernating.

By the way, I'm still waiting for my first wedding shoot in the snow. I'm just saying, I'm not saying anything...

Photographer shooting couple Plaisance-du-Touch Haute-Garonne
Plaisance-du-Touch 2019

Why make one?

when we're having a couples' session at our wedding...

To get to know each other

with your photographer. Yes, the photographer is the only one of your service providers (apart from your wedding planer, in some cases) who will accompany you all day long on the day.
It's best that you are sure, well in advance, that you will get along well with him and that he won't be too intrusive.

Photographer shooting couple Plaisance-du-Touch Haute-Garonne

It will also be an opportunity for him to figure out, very precisely, on what you like in terms of photography, since you will be on it.


To tell your love story

Shooting photo couple photographer Toulouse Buzet Haute-Garonne

Yes, the place you choose to hold your love session could say a lot about you. It could be your lifestyle, your aspirations, your future theme (colors say a lot).
You may want to see, in a photo, the image you can send back as a couple. To see what a photographer will be able to detect in you.
The date too, could be the anniversary of your meeting, for example.


To announce the arrival of a baby

Yeah, wouldn't you like to make him think that you're going to take pictures of a couple so that you can get pictures of his reaction when you tell him that you're going to have a child with him?

To have beautiful photos for the invitations

Shooting photo couple photographer Toulouse Labege Haute-Garonne

In some cases, the bride and groom will be very happy to have professional photos for their "save the date" and to announce the colour of what their big event will be.


Cause you're gonna be able to bring your pet along

Yes, surprise, if you have a big doggie, or at least an iguana, you can take it with you. He'll get his little portrait, too. After all, he is part of your life and part of your family, isn't he?

Photographer shooting couple Ariege Toulouse Haute-Garonne

On the other hand, you can forget about the mother-in-law!


Because you'll be able to get accessories

Yes, well, if we can avoid the smoke please ... yes because for the last three years, it's the originality that is no longer at all, but then no longer original at all ...
On the other hand, the flower wreaths, top hats, light garlands, flowers, slate to confess crispy things (yes yes, I vote for it ! ), balloons, origami, a plaid, a picnic basket (with macaroons, yes !), a guitar, little slippers to announce a pregnancy, an invisibility cape ...

Photographer shooting couple Toulouse Muret Haute-Garonne
Muret 2019

What to do with these pictures?

Are you serious?

A teaser of the wedding announcement

Ah, you didn't see that coming, but why don't you turn up the heat until your wedding announcement?
How about using this couple photo reportage that you're going to broadcast week after week to keep your future guests on the edge of their seats until the final announcement?
Speaking of teasers, I give you a link to create some, for free, in video : RenderForest
What? Everyone already knows the date? All right, we'll move on, then.


To announce the location of the wedding

Yes, what if we would do this shoot in the field you chose together instead of waiting for the D-day to do like everyone else ? YES, you can be part of the original couples ;) (in addition to having original photos :p )


Use them for your blog

Today's brides and grooms often have a website, an instagram page, or a blog that is dedicated to them and will be used to distill all the important information for their bride and groom.
These lifestyle photos will serve to air out the text and you may even be able to get live reactions from your guests.
The easiest way is to create an Instagram private page to prevent anyone from having access to everything you're going to prepare. You will be able to discuss your theme, for example.

Put them in the announcements

In some save the date or announcement templates, there are places to put photos. By doing the engagement session early enough, you will have plenty of photos to choose the one you are going to insert, as on this one for example.
You will even have the possibility to make a custom-made staging, with the advice of your favorite photographer, for this famous photo during your love session, with or without accessories.


On the champagne or the wine?

Would you prefer to have vintage wine labels printed in your own image or champagne labels? It's up to you!
A small example at Mon fairepart


An album from your last "bachelors" session.

Officially, this will be your last photo session with your lover (or lovers) before getting married. The last memory of your life before.

Even better, why not put them in a guest book that your guests will fill in on D-day?

Here are a few examples from Etsy


Put THE picture in a frame

Can you already see this great picture of the two of you in a large frame above your bed or in the living room? That picture that will show everyone who visits you how proud you can be of the relationship between you and your partner?


If you are one of my future brides and grooms, you should know that a one-hour engagement session has already been offered to you whatever your formula and if you are a future groom or bride and you wish to make a photographic test with this engagement session, it will be deducted from your eventual future contract.

Photographer shooting couple Toulouse Muret Haute-Garonne Photographer shooting couple Toulouse Muret Haute-Garonne