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55. Confirm final number of guests
56. Check final details with suppliers
57. Pick up dress and suit
58. Prepare suitcases for the reception venue
59. Brief witnesses
60. Finish packing for the honeymoon
61. Enjoy! You deserve it 🙂

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55. Confirm final number of guests


You had started to check this list at the 47. Verify guest's answers. It is now time to close it.

This final figure is going to be important for the caterer, but also, for the flower designer, because on this figure will depend the number of centerpieces to compose. Same for the accommodations that you would have booked in advance.
In general, for the caterer, you have up to one week before to confirm the number of meals, but do not delay too much.


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56. Check final details with providers


The purpose of this maneuver is to make sure that everyone has the right information, to do the last things that need to be done in order to get it all out of your head.

1- Check that all providers have the address of the location

and a phone number to call in case of worries (preferably the number of one or more witnesses, so you don't have to deal with anything else).
If your domain is located in an area with poor mobile network coverage, please specify this and ask on which landline number you can be reached on site.
Make sure you have everyone's numbers too, just in case. When it comes to the caterer, ask for the number of the person who will be responsible for the service on your wedding day. Especially with large caterers, it may not be the same person you've been dealing with up until now.

2- Pay the providers

before the wedding. Always with the aim of freeing your mind.

3- Tips :

If you plan to give some, prepare the envelopes and write the names of everyone in advance. Remember to seal these envelopes. Keep an envelope of cash for yourself in case you need it on the day for any reason.

4- If you have rented audio equipment

make sure it will be delivered or pick it up if the rental company does not make deliveries.


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5- If you have created a detailed schedule

of the day, this is the time to give it to all the providers. Even if a large part of this schedule does not concern them, it will be very useful to them.
This schedule will also be very useful for your witnesses and bridesmaids to make sure that everyone is ready on time.


6- Make sure they remember

or that they have taken note of what you expect of them. For most of them, you will have booked them between 6 months and 1 year before. You can never be too careful.


7- Make sure everyone knows

when its mission is completed.

57. Fetch the dress and suit


If you have followed the point 18. TRY ON AND ORDER WEDDING OUTFITS, you already had to go through the fitting and alteration stages.
It's time to go for one last try to make sure everything is still the right size for the big day. You can never be sure of a change in weight...
These tips are valid for men as well.

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58. Packing for the venue


In addition to your change of clothes and toiletries, here is a list of essentials:

1- A medical kit:

with small bandages, Doliprane, Spassfon and Imodium. A pair of scissors that can be used for many other things.

2- A first aid kit:

with thread, a needle and the scissors from the first kit. Nipple covers too, that could be useful.

3- The list of your providers

with phone number ON PAPER! You never know what might happen to your phone.

4- A babydoll :

it's going to be your first night as a married woman anyway. it would be a matter of marking the occasion as it should be ?

5- A swimsuit

if your domain has a swimming pool and you stay the next day.

6- A little gift

for your spouse. You are the one who knows better than anyone what will have the best effect.

7- Your speech.

8- Your passports

especially if you plan to leave in the wake of the event.

9- A pair of sneakers:

because at some point you won't be able to stand your shoes anymore.

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59. Brief witnesses


On the big day, the main role of the witnesses will be to free you from all the last minute tasks and unexpected events.
In order to do this, you will have to assign roles to each person, and in order for them to be really effective in their roles, a good thing will be to let them choose for themselves what they want to do.
In fact, consider giving them a special, personalized gift to thank them for being by your side during the organization of your wedding.

Wedding Eve:
- Help you set up all the decorations.

Wedding Day:
- Signing of registers at the town hall or church
- Management of the schedule
- Decorating the cars of the procession
- Welcoming the guests and guiding them throughout the day
- Responsible for the wedding rings
- Laying out the ceremony booklets on the benches or chairs
- Taking care of the music of the ceremonies
- Distributing confetti, soap bubbles, rose petals...
- Keep the family booklet (to free your hands)
- Manage a parent to watch closely during the cocktail
- Help you during the preparations
- Organize the group photos (don't forget to give them the list of important groups)
- Keep an eye on the ballot box (yes, you never know)
- Encourage guests to write in your guestbook
- Take care of the entertainment during the evening


The day after the wedding:
- Help to organize the brunch
- Provide games
- Tidy up and remove the decorations
- Clean the room


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60. Finish packing for the honeymoon


If you're the type of person who wants to take everything with you, because "you never know," here are some tips that will help you save a little extra room, but beware of the weight you'll be allowed on the plane.

The right folding method:

Vacuum packaging:


1- Some paper clips to close the curtains. Very useful in all those countries that don't have shutters on the windows.
2-Put a label inside the luggage so that you can be found if it is lost and without its exterior label.
3-Paste a differentiating element on the luggage that will go in the hold. This will prevent you from ending up with someone else's suitcase.
4- A universal adapter: yes, not all countries have the same types of plugs. Find out before you leave. In the meantime, here is a model for the USA Canada Mexique. Don't forget your phone chargers by the way.
5- A wrinkle remover: here again here is an example.
6- A photocopy: of your important papers, because you never know what might happen to them.
7- Your driver's license, if you plan to rent.
8- Earplugs


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61. Enjoy! You have deserved it


And here we are, at the end of this marathon of more than a year which led you from this superb idea of the wedding to the concrete realization of this day which belongs only to you! I hope that my advice and that the advice of my brides and grooms will have been very useful to you and that the goal of this checklist will have been reached in the sense that it will have allowed you to see more clearly and to arrive more serenely to your D-day. You have just accomplished something huge!

I wish you both all the best for your future projects ?


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