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36. Decide on the entrance music
37. Rehearse the ball opening
38. Decide on the music for the first dance
39. Taste the food and finalize the menu
40. Check passports for validity
41. Pick up the rings
42. Order bouquet and boutonniere
43. Hair and make-up tests
44. Rent a photobooth (optional)

mjphotographers.com Mariage Domaine de Montjoie Ramonville Sainte-Agne

36. Decide on the entrance music


Yes, there is the entrance to the church or to the wedding ceremony, the entrance of the guests, the entrance of the couple in the reception room...


Entrance of the bride and groom to the domaine de la terrasse (31)
Entrance of the bride and groom to the domaine de la terrasse (31)


Usually, the ceremonial gives this order of entry:
1- The guests
2- The groom accompanied by his mother
3- The witnesses
4- The father of the groom and the mother of the bride
5- The bride led by her father and followed or preceded by the children of honor



The guests :

For them a calm and romantic music will be very good so that they can take time to settle down, unless you want them to be excited!
Nat Kink Cole - L-O-V-E

The groom and the parents :

something romantic but more punchy than for the guests. It's time to start waking everyone up!
Nina Simone - Feeling Good
In addition there is a little suspense at the beginning of the song before the music starts ?

There is also the ceremony exit:

Outkast - Hey Ya!


Oh well, get out the handkerchiefs, we'll have to make this future groom cry. Think of the photographer, he loves this moment!!
Des'ree - I'm Kissing You



This is where the madness comes in. To help you out, remember the song that blew you away the most all those times you went out dancing.
Beyoncé - Crazy In Love ft. JAY Z

37. Repeat the opening of the ball


The first thing to ask yourself is how hard you can work and what your dance level is. If you're more of a bar-sipping kind of dancer and don't have time to work on choreography, a good waltz or even a slow dance will do the trick.
If you feel like a John Travolta, you can :

1- Reproduce :

choreographies seen in cult films such as Grease

or Dirty Dancing

For the more daring, you can try this...

With Jennifer Lopez

Or Antonio Banderas

2- Courses :

you can take lessons and prepare a small improvisation on a not too long music.
Among the dances I know (yes I was a dance teacher in my other life), bachata is the one you will learn the fastest and it can give very nice results if you like to play ;) You might even get caught up in the game and discover a whole universe, the latino dances, that will fascinate you.

3- The private teacher :

It will certainly be more expensive than a group class, but your progress will be faster and you will have a good help to prepare your first dance.

4- Tutorials :

You'll have no trouble finding dance tutorials on Youtube, but if you're a real beginner, you might miss a lot of details that will hinder your progress.



Don't dream, the more ambitious you are, the more time you will need to work on it, hence the need to choose a dance or a chorus that you really enjoy.
Tell yourself that you will be completely ready when you can do it all without having to think.



On your wedding day, when you are ready to surprise everyone with what you have kept so secret, if you have not booked a videographer (see the point "15. Book the photographer and/or videographer", at least a recent phone on a fixed stand will give you the best quality without a professional at your side.


First wedding dance in the Tarn
First wedding dance in the tarn - mjphotographers.com

38. Decide on the music for the first dance


If you've gone through the previous point, and decided how much time you could invest in it, you should already have a good idea of the style of music.
I'm making a few suggestions that I haven't heard in weddings yet, but you'll easily find playlists based on the genre you've chosen on the internet.

1- Slows :

Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole - Somewhere over the Rainbow
Édith Piaf - L'hymne à l'amour
Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah
Etta James - At Last

2- Choreographies :

Bill Medley, Jennifer Warnes - (I've Had) The Time Of My Life
Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk (Official Video) ft. Bruno Mars
Fresh Prince of Bel Air - It's not unusual (The Carlton Dance)
Ray Charles - I've Got A Woman
Pulp Fiction - Dancing Scene

3- Short and simple bachatas :

Delacey - Dream It Possible (Marco Puma & Dj Manuel Citro Bachata Remix)
Xtreme - Shorty, Shorty
Inseparables - Ephrem J ft: Dj Khalid

4- The same goes for salsa:

Julio Daviel Big Band - Do You Only Wanna Dance
Calle Real - Sukiyaki Song



If you feel like it, you can also create your own medley with different music styles. At least you'll be dancing to a song that only you have!
To make audio montages, I recommend the free software: Audacity
Here is a tutorial to help you get started with the software: The basics of Audacity

First dance at the Pins penchés
First dance at les pins penchés (83) - mjphotographers.com

39. Tasting of the dishes and finalisation of the menu


If you have followed the point "14. Choose the caterer" you should be at least tasting the menu you have chosen. This is your chance to decide exactly what will be served during the reception and to agree with your caterer on all the practical details concerning the meal.
Take the time to study the menu that the caterer will propose before setting up the tasting to select a few items, or let your caterer guide you after giving him/her indications of what you would like.
Remember to take pictures of each dish and have something to write down as each new dish is presented. This will help you make the final decision.
If possible, try to do the tasting on an empty stomach and around the time of your party to ensure that the food fits.



This tasting is sometimes offered to the bride and groom before the signing, but almost always at a cost for the guests. That said, it can be a good idea to go with one or more people who don't have the same tastes as you, it will be a little more representative of all your guests.


If your caterer is not providing the drinks, consider taking them with you to ensure they go well with the food. If in doubt, feel free to bring different bottles to make your final choice.



You can ask for this tasting to take place in your home. This will allow you to see how the dishes will be presented. You will also see how the caterer will manage the transport and the setting of the dishes.

catered meal les pins penches toulon mjphotographers.com

40. Check that passports are valid


The French and English passports are valid for 10 years for adults and 5 years for minors. Since June 28, 2009, passports are biometric: they contain your fingerprints digitized on a chip.



If you have an ID card you can go back and see the list of all the countries you can go to with at the point 29. Choosing and booking the honeymoon destination.

If it is expired less than 5 years, you will still be able to travel to European Union countries.

In all other cases you will have to renew it


Here is the link to start the renew your french passport.
Same for Overseas British passport



For some countries, the passport will not be enough. You will need either a visa or, as for the USA, an electronic travel authorization (Esta), which can be requested online. Here is the official website that will give you all the information for each country:
Voyager à l'étranger | Service-Public.fr.

41. Fetch the rings

This is a point to remember to pick up the rings you ordered by following the point 31. Ordering wedding rings and engravings
Now they must be your size and engraved according to your instructions.

wedding rings in a piano
Alliances in the piano of Château du Croisillat (31)

42. Ordering the bouquet and buttonhole

Traditionally, it is the fiancé who must offer the bridal bouquet to his future on the wedding day. The fiancée has to give him some information about her wedding dress, so that he can match the flowers and the style of the bouquet to the dress, which he has never seen!
Don't worry, you can go to the florist with him to make your choice and on the big day, it will be his job to go and get them.



Do you know the symbols behind each flower?

Les variétés conseillées :

The carnation, symbol of sincere love. According to some beliefs this flower would bring bad luck...
The red rose, symbol of pure love
The ivy, symbol of eternal love
The tulip, symbol of perfect love
The lily, symbol of purity
The azalea, symbolizes the joy of love
The lilac, symbol of tenderness

Varieties to avoid

The sweet pea, symbol of lie
The mimosa, symbol of love doubt
The violet, symbol of secret love
The hydrangea, symbol of indifference
The yellow rose, symbol of infidelity
The narcissus, symbol of coldness
The dandelion, symbol of jealousy

Bouquet wedding photographer Toulouse Haute-Garonne Occitanie France
Bridal bouquet - mjphotographers.com


Round bridal bouquet:

it will be perfect with a long wedding dress without amplitude (spindle) or a suit.

Cascading Bridal Bouquet:

This one will go very well with a large dress with a train, the fall of flowers harmonizing with the length of the dress.

Dried flowers:

it was one of the 2022 trends. A choice that allows you to keep it as is for much longer.

The "handbag" bouquet:

also very trendy.

bridal bouquet in a handbag chateau de cas mjphotographers.com
Bridal bouquet in a handbag from Cas castle

The Victorian bouquet:

very original. It is about making you a bouquet in jewels. Here are some examples on this Pinterest page



If you want to throw a bouquet but don't want to part with it, you can ask for a perfect replica to give to a lucky single.
If you want to make several people happy, you can order several small bouquets in one. Once in the air they will separate and go to several people making several happy.

43. Hair and make-up tests


Of course, your hairdresser will be there to advise you, but I advise you to be interested in the question before choosing her or him to be sure that she or he is used to working with this kind of hairstyle.

1- First tips :

 a- If you have a round face:

round buns are not for you. Prefer a mid-length gradient with volume above your head, straight hair along your face.

 b- If your face is long :

avoid high hairstyles that accentuate its shape.

 c- For square faces:

no bangs. Opt for a structured cut to soften the angles of your face.

 d- For an oval face:

you are entitled to everything!

2- Dress:

your hairstyle is supposed to enhance your dress.

 a- If you have a bare back:

it will be a shame to hide it with loose hair.

 b- For a hippie dress :

long and loose hair and a not very tidy hairstyle.

 c- Collared dresses:

go well with a bun.

 d- For an asymmetrical dress:

Rebalance by placing your hair on the other side, either loosely or in a low bun.

 e- For strapless dresses:

it's open bar!



The objective is that on the big day you have a makeup that looks like you and especially not that you have the impression to be disguised. It will be important that your makeup artist (but it is really rare) is listening.
Be careful, the profession of makeup artist is a specialty in its own right. Between a hairdresser or a beautician who would do your makeup and a makeup artist, there is about the same difference as between a cook who would do your cake and a pastry chef. Both know how to do it, but the latter will always go further.


In general, these tests take place at your home, unless you have chosen a hair salon.
In general, the recommendation is to wash your hair the day before and apply your usual care.
You can be accompanied by your friends and family, but be careful not to invite too many of them, as you risk losing your focus and concentration on choosing THE hairstyle for your big day.



Pour la coiffure le prix va dépendre de la réputation de votre coiffeur, de l'emplacement du salon et du type de coiffure choisie, mais en moyenne pour la coiffure et le maquillage, on va être autour des 195€.



On the day of the wedding, many people will need to have their hair and makeup done. Think about making the rounds of your loved ones before contacting your hairdresser and makeup artist.


wedding hairdressing chateau longpre pamiers ariege mjphotographers.comHairstyle of the bride at the chateau de Longpré (09)

44. Hire a photobooth (optional)


A photobooth is a photographic machine. Generally it rests on a stand. We put it in a nice corner, with a little decoration in the background and the guests come to let loose in front of it. Some models offer printing as soon as the picture is taken, but on most of them you will have at least a trace of all these pictures/videos at least in digital.



The most logical place to start would be with your photographer to see what he proposes. Moreover there is a strong chance that he will give you a preferential rate, since you have already booked him for the reportage. In addition you can count on him for transport and installation!

Apart from him, your research will be done through the internet.


- The classic photobooth:

you press a button, a timer starts and the picture is taken. Here are 2 examples:
KRUU Photobooth
The vintage look of the "boite a sourire"

- The boomerang photobooth :

You know that effect that exists mostly on Instagram? These videos of a few seconds that come and go like a boomerang. 2 examples:
Boomerang UV

- Videobooth 360 :

it's new! A camera moves all around you. It's very fun as an animation and as a result. It will be a hit during the evening. 2 examples :