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24. Make the wedding list
25. Organize the wedding games (Optional)
26. Choose the wedding cake
27. Finalize the guest list
28. Send invitations and wedding list
29. Choose and book the honeymoon destination
30. Rent the bride and groom’s car
31. Order wedding rings and engravings
32. Transport and accommodate guests
33. Buy wedding accessories
34. Delegating the Hen Party and stag party
35. Buy gifts for the guests

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24. Making the wedding list

During your wedding, people, not all of them, don't dream, will want to congratulate you by giving you a gift. This is the reason for the wedding gift idea list, which is not mandatory, but will help you avoid receiving unnecessary or duplicate gifts. In addition you will help those who are short of ideas.



In fact the two are not mutually exclusive and I can tell you that your older guests will prefer to be able to leave you a good old fashioned check like before ? but the younger ones will prefer what is online.
A kitty instead of a list will allow you to not give any indication of what you want to do and maybe even decide later on what you want to do with it.
Be aware that people like to know why they do things, so put some indication, even if vague, of the purpose.
The main drawback of this pool is that you will not be able to use what is in it before the wedding, unlike the registry. People who can't be present will not have access to it either.

For your information, you can also complete this D-Day kitty with another kitty that would be online, here is a link on Leetchi to start your research.

marriage pins penches
Wedding urn at pins penchés (83) - mjphotographers.com


I remember a pot of money that was managed by the witnesses, and then the bride and groom had to solve a very nice scavenger hunt to find out where it was hidden and discover what they got as gifts.


First advice :

consider putting twice as many gifts on your list as there are guests. This way, everyone will find a gift that fits their budget. You need gifts for everyone: from the co-worker who will be happy to give you your favorite comic book to your grandfather who wants to give you the silverware.

Second advice :

leave it online at least a month after the wedding, to give latecomers a chance to congratulate you.



Lists :

Here is a wedding gift list comparison Rockmywedding

For pools or pools/lists :

Leetchi, which we have seen above.
Okoodoo.com : It's free and with its widget, the gift you want from any online store can be on your list.

Tour operators :

A list of english Tour Operators on Tourradar
Remember to check what happens to your money in case the donations exceed the cost of the trip.



Especially not on the invitation!
The first place that comes naturally is on your wedding website. You know, the one you've already created by reading the "7. Create an Instagram site or account".
You can also send the link to your friends and family, there is a good chance that the guests will go through them to get this list. I give you other possibilities further down on this page at "28. SEND THE INVITATIONS AND THE WEDDING LIST".



Remember to thank all your donors individually when you send out the thank you notes after the wedding. With a nice card from your honeymoon hotel for example.


wedding photographer chateau croisillat
Wedding urn at Château du Croisillat (31) - mjphotographers.com

25. Organising wedding games (Optional)


The goal can be to entertain your guests or to make sure that the time between two courses during the meal is not too long, or to make the couple you are better known by your guests or finally, to break the ice between groups of guests who do not know each other.



The biggest fear of the future bride and groom is that their guests will be bored. Here are some ideas you can implement:

- You can put a photobooth

with lots of accessories to test their creativity/fun

- You can bring an artist:

Juggler, fire-eater, magician, dancers, singers, caricaturist ... will amaze your guests and make them forget the time.

- You can bring in a bartender

which ensures the show (See the point "20. Choose the bar staff"..

- You can make a fun bouquet toss

like the ribbon game that lasts much longer than the traditional bouquet toss. Plus, you can cheat to pick the winner...but shhh...

- You can even have the groom throw a surprise gift

and if there are rugby players in the guests it can be funny...


wedding photographer miroir des lys 31
Game of Ribbon at the Miroir des Lys (31) - mjphotographers.com


Wedding games can be organized by the bride and groom themselves, friends or relatives, but often, in fact, by the witnesses. Indeed, some wedding games are a real surprise for the bride and groom: the goal is to keep the secret until the big day.



1. Famous couples game:

ideal to push people to meet each other. Each guest is given the name of a celebrity and must go in search of their soul mate like Kate Middleton and Prince William or even simpler Adam and Eve...

2. Pairs game:

This time it is the bride and groom who have to focus. The organizer defines a list of 10 common points that some guests may have between them (for example: singles, people who are part of the groom's family, friends of the bride ...). During the game, the host calls the people answering point n°1 to stand up. The bride and groom must then guess what is the characteristic that links them. And so on until the last point.

3. The musical blind test:

each table is a team and must guess first the song that has been played. For this, you must have thought of booking a dj animator as we saw in the point "19. Choose DJ".

4. Do a dance battle

with the bride's and groom's team. Again, this will be organized by the dj.

5. Bomb Game:

It is the opposite of musical chairs. The participants on the dance floor pass a bag with dares in it to each other. When the music stops, the one who has the bag in his hands must pick a dare and perform.

6. The confessional:

you can install in a quiet corner a camera in front of which your guests will be able to parade all day long. They will have the opportunity to tell anecdotes about each of you or just share their funniest jokes. Unforgettable memories guaranteed.


wedding photographer metairie du chateau
Throwing away of the gift by the groom - mjphotographers.com

26. Choosing the cake

The arrival of the wedding cake is one of the most awaited moments of the meal at a wedding. It is often accompanied by an animation and is often the last step before the opening of the dance floor. You have the option to remain traditional by going for a wedding cake, or to play the card of originality with an atypical wedding cake like a wedding cake.



Piece montée:

if you are afraid of making a mistake, stick to a safe value. Its origins go back to antiquity. In Greece, it was customary to mark the union of a couple by preparing a large special bread. Each guest had to break off a piece and crumble it over the head of the bride and groom to ensure fertility and happiness. From this custom, the wedding cake was born in the Middle Ages in France. There is the wedding cake with choux which tends to disappear, or in a more modern version, you have wedding cakes based on macaroons or cupcakes. The price of a wedding cake is generally around 3 à 7€ / person.


The original cake:

made from fruits, or sweets, or even mignardises. It can also be a gourmet coffee or a buffet of different desserts.

The wedding cake :

it's a big deal! Your guests will be amazed (and have a full belly too). You can hire a cake designer or make it yourself. Beware of the amount of stress it can cause especially so close to the wedding and perhaps without a plan B. The simplest ones made by pros will start at 5€ a slice. From 8 euros a slice, you are guaranteed to have a beautiful cake as well as a good one and from 10 euros a slice, you will have an absolutely sumptuous cake.
Click on this link for a quick overview of the design of a beautiful Wedding Cake


wedding cake marriage domaine rochemontes

Wedding Cake at the Domaine de Rochemontes (31) - mjphotographers.com

27. Finalise the guest list



Because it will be time to send out the invitation cards (this is the next step). You can't afford to wait too long, otherwise you risk having more and more unavailability on your guests' side.

Normally, if you have followed what I have advised you at "8. First list and verification of guests' addresses"., you should have already made a lot of progress and you should have the updated addresses of your guests.

wedding photographer la metairie du chateau
Original table plan on vases - mjphotographers.com

28. Send invitations and wedding list


If you haven't done so yet, run to point 24 above.

1- Word of mouth:

You can count on most of your guests to ask you this question. The good thing about this system is that it doesn't require much effort. On the other hand, beware of the distortion of your speech after several stages of word-of-mouth.

2- The mention :

if your list is online and your families are used to wedding lists, you can slip a small sentence in your announcement, such as "Wedding list available at this address ... ". As an address you can even insert a QR Code, it's free to do and it will avoid typing errors. If they are not used to lists, check that this option will not shock.

3- The cardboard to be distributed :

If you think it's too direct to put it with the announcements, you can have this list or address printed so that you can pass it on to your relatives or witnesses. You can also keep a digital version for people who will pass by you.

4- The website:

Yes, we've talked about this before, it's the perfect place to drop this info. Finally, ideal for your guests who are comfortable with the internet. Don't forget the seniors ?

5- Gift corner:

vous pourrez faire une plus grande version du carton à distribuer seen on the 3- to put it in a place where those who are head in the air can find it.
This corner will also be used by those who want to surprise you with things that are not on your list.


Normally, if you have ordered everything to the point "23. ORDER INVITATIONS" all you have to do is put it in the envelopes, if the printer hasn't already done so, put a nice stamp on it and send it off.

wedding stationery tarn
Announcement - mjphotographers.com

29. Choose and book the honeymoon destination


What is the purpose of a honeymoon? At a wedding, the father of the bride had to provide his son-in-law, as much as he could, with honey beer. "Honey" is honey, and "moon" is the moon. This custom, which was supposed to increase fertility, was to last for one month of the lunar calendar.



First of all you can go to France ;) Then you will have the other 26 countries of the European Union, the islands of these countries, such as the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Crete, Sardinia, Sicily and the archipelago of the Azores. In addition to all these countries, you will be able to discover these countries that are part of the Schengen area: Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.


Yes, it is possible... Like any other business, airlines seek to maximize their profits. To do this, they vary the prices of airline tickets according to supply and demand. Basically, the more you book at the same time and for the same dates as everyone else, the more your ticket is likely to cost you.
It is important to know that in most cases, there are two periods when prices are at their lowest: either several months before departure, or "at the last moment", a few days or hours before departure, when the companies want to sell the last remaining seats. It can be fun to discover your final destination only a few days before departure, but beware of possible frustrations

This article of generation voyage gives you 4 sites which will enable you to see how the rates evolve throughout the year: Génération Voyage

30. Renting the bride and groom's car


You will easily find links to professional or private rentals by searching on google.
However, my preference is perhaps for : Turo.com which has a clearer interface than most others.

old car collection wedding tarn
A very rare Tatra for a wedding in the Tarn (81)

31. Ordering wedding rings and engravings


The stone wedding ring is becoming fashionable, but will it suit your temperament? Do you want to have something very shiny on your finger or something more discreet like a wedding ring without stone?
Another detail, the rings with stone are inevitably more fragile over time and expect to perhaps have to remove it to sleep or do sports.


wedding rings white gold diamonds
Wedding rings with white gold and diamonds



The most classic are white gold, platinum and yellow gold. Occasionally rose gold is used. It is said to be more suitable for light skin. In any case, it brings more softness and femininity.
Men are more likely to use yellow gold, black gold or platinum. Black gives a masculine touch to the jewelry.
You have the option of using silver or gold plated, but this choice will require more maintenance.


wedding rings white gold diamonds
Wedding rings with white gold and diamonds


4 possibilities :

The round rush :

when you look at the ring from the direction of the cut, it is completely round. This shape is more elegant but also a little less comfortable.

The half ring:

This time the shape is round on top and flat on the side that touches the finger, for more comfort. This type is the most popular for both men and women.

The ribbon :

it is a type of ring completely flat and which appeals particularly to men

The bevelled wedding ring :

is a design studied to match perfectly with your engagement ring, if it is a solitaire. In the center of the design, the ring narrows to a single metal line, as in this example from Gemmyo



A person with long and tapered fingers will often prefer a narrow wedding band, while a person with thicker fingers will prefer a bulky model.



Most of the time, we will find the first name of the spouse followed by his or her own first name and finally the wedding date. However, many people prefer to put words that resonate with their couple or themselves.



The average price is around 600€ for the 2 wedding rings if they are classic and without diamonds. For the smallest budgets, you will find wedding rings for less than 100€, but be careful with the quality of the ring.

32. Transport and accommodation of guests


On site :

in the domaine. Usually we put the immediate family or older people first on the estate, but you do what you want!

Hotels and B&Bs :

it is often the most expensive solution.

Airbnb :

are an excellent alternative to consider because they allow you to search for rentals at a lower cost and in different locations.

Campsites :

the rates are generally reasonable. Some people even prefer to go camping and enjoy spending time in nature.

Houses :

which can accommodate several families.

At your home :

if you don't live far away.

With tents :

on the domain's grounds (remember to ask for permission beforehand anyway ?)

The hotel bus :

this mobile hotel comes to you and parks at the site of your celebration while your friends rest. Customize it according to your needs and the colors of your big day.


Approach the hotels by asking them what discount they can give you if you arrive with a whole group. The more guests you have, the more likely they will be to make a gesture and even more so if your date is not in high season!

Depending on the geographical distance of the houses from the domain, it could be interesting to set up a shuttle service. So that your guests can enjoy your best day without risking their health or their license in the car.
Here is a link to find shuttles easily in your area: Shuttle list - Zankyou
The website Izydrive.com offers the interesting option of bringing your guests who could not drive in their own car.

You can also provide a list of local taxis available to be self-sufficient.

It may also be helpful to pack a basket with ethylotests for the end of the evening, just to limit the risks.

33. Buying wedding outfit accessories


I give you here, what I prefer of the current trends:

1- The bridal veil:

I love, love, love it!!! Both visually, but also for the look of the bride that often goes with this gesture.

voile bride tarn garonne


2- Gloves:

here too, imagine what will give his gloves in photo especially if they are white and you are in a rather dark place. Me I imagine very well, it would give something like this:

wedding photographer chateau lavalade


3- The back necklace:

especially with a bare back, it always makes its little effect very classy.

artistic wedding photographer toulouse


4- Long earrings:

especially with an open neck. Very classy too.

marriage pins penches toulon var 83



Here is an article from mariee.fr with all 2022 Bridal Accessory Trends


Come on, one last one with a veil because I love it ?

wedding photographer chateau croisillat 31
Château du Croisillat (31) - mjphotographers.com

34. Delegating the Hen Party and stag party


Bachelorette party and bachelor party. These are essential events before a wedding! Symbolically, it's the day you say goodbye to your single life, but in reality it's a time to relax before the big day by getting together with your most festive girlfriends or your best buddies for the boy.



This is usually a wedding witness who takes care of it. But this task can very well be handled by either your wedding planner (if they have that option), or by a agency that specializes in these kind of events.



- Who?

Does the best man have carte blanche to find the craziest of your buddies or do you have a list to provide?

- When?

Preferably a date or a WE? Do you want to do it on the same WE? Separately or together? How long before the wedding?

- What?

Are we going for a crazy EVJF/EVG or for a cool and relaxing afternoon?

- What budget?

Transportation costs, accommodation, meals and drinks, accessories, disguises and possibly a small gift.



Ask your wedding photographer ce that he could propose to you to make the photographs if not of all, let us say at least of a part of your party. Chances are, he'll give you a better price than if you went out and got another one for the occasion.
In addition, you will have a consistency with the style of the photos of your upcoming wedding.


Thermal baths (sauna, hammam, heated swimming pool)
A tour by boat, ferry, gondola
Visit to a foreign city
Cooking classes
Urban Escape Game : visit a city while playing as with Coddygames.com for example.
An evening in a nightclub
A show of stripper/stripteaseuse
A tour of bars
Escape Room
Pole dance session
Take a course of stripping
Parachute jump
Baptism of diving
Car smash: destroy cars as proposed at crazy-evg.com
Driving a Hydrospeed tank
Driving on a circuit
A photo shoot! ?



Small budgets:

you can meet in a city close to just about everyone, and organize an activity with a drink or meal at the end. About 50 to 70€/pers

Medium budgets:

go for a weekend not too far away and rent a nice place for a whole night. Do one or two paid activities. About 100 to 150€/pers.

Bigger budgets:

there one leaves for a long weekend, one rents a Airbnb for the group and we leave on two activities + 1 restaurant on the spot. About 200 to 300€/pers.
Be careful to think of paying for the bride and groom, it is still their day!

35. Buy gifts for guests


I have an article that I find quite nice at planners.fr. In addition there are links to the products directly on it if you want to order them:
27 gift ideas for your wedding guests

wedding invitation gift metairie chateau
Gifts for guests - Métairie du château (31) - mjphotographers.com