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10. Create your inspiration board
11. Choose the style and theme
12. Choose witnesses and bridesmaids
13. Choose the Wedding Planner (optional)
14. Choose the caterer
15. Book the photographer and/or videographer
16. Choose the ceremony officiant
17. Administrative procedures (file, contract…)
18. Trying on and ordering wedding clothes
19. Choose the dj and musicians
20. Choose the bar staff (could be the caterer)
21. Choose the decoration and flowers
22. Take out wedding insurance
23. Order the invitations

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10. Create your inspiration board


An inspiration board, also called vision board or visualization table, is a board, virtual or real, on which you will put all your ideas in bulk.
Whether your ideas are graphic or literary or of any other type.
The idea is to have at a glance a general vision of what you want to represent and for what concerns us, a representation of what you want your wedding to be in the ideal.



Just cut out anything you find that you like and pin it on a board. You'll see that little by little, a trend (in colour, style...) will emerge.
If you are more of a connected person, then Pinterest will be a must for you as well as for most future couples. That's what Pinterest was originally designed for. It's an easy-to-use tool dedicated to creating boards where you can pin images from multiple sources. It is possible to create "secret" boards (not visible to other users) and collaborative boards that can be shared with others.



To avoid writer's block, I suggest you pin everything that comes to mind, without censoring yourself. Once you get the ball rolling, everything will be much easier and you'll start to see some things repeated.
You can even search on Pinterest to find what you want.


Then you'll need to organize it all. Again, Pinterest will allow you to create subboards within your boards.
Start by gathering pins that look similar.
This will also be an opportunity to delete those that don't fit in with the rest of your collection.
If at any point it gets difficult, take a break. You can't be creative 24 hours a day, your brain needs a break too ?

If at some point you feel like putting it all down to show it to your decorator for example, I recommend this article from Canva which shows you how to make a moodboard from their platform:

Make a free & custom moodboard



Here are some links to inspire you and get you started:

10 Moodboards "do it yourself"


Here are some Pinterest accounts with beautiful boards to get you started:

Belle The Magazine

La mariée en colère (FR)


11. Choose the style and theme


Remember it's your wedding!
Consider the season
Consider the style of your venue
Use your inspiration board
What do you want to emphasise?
Classic or original?



The Biggest Wedding Trends to Expect in 2022 - One Fab Day

100 Favorite Wedding Themes - Pioneerthinking

wedding chateau Croisillat
Mariage au Château du Croisillat (31) - mjphotographers.com



The mistake to avoid: using two colours that you really like but that don't go together. A tip: start with your favourite colour, then see what tones can be combined with it.
While no colour is off limits, avoid black, brown or dark grey. The wedding is a festive event! If you are keen on one of these colours, then think about combining it with light shades that will bring light to it.

Here is a link with 7 Must-Know Rules for Decorating With Color


wedding chateau de cas
Wedding at Cas Castle (82) - mjphotographers.com

12. Choosing witnesses and bridesmaids

While the bride and groom are the centre of attention, the witnesses and bridesmaids work behind the scenes to make the day a great one. If you have chosen them carefully, each one will have a role in the organisation.


The witness

has an official role, since it is he or she who, in the eyes of the law, will be the guarantor of your union. Each of you should have at least 1 and a maximum of 2 for the town hall.

For the religious ceremony, you can appoint new witnesses or choose the same ones as for the town hall. At the church, there is no limit to the number of witnesses, so you can have more.

Choose your witnesses as you wish, but don't forget that, in addition to their official role, they can also accompany you during the wedding preparations, help you prepare the speeches and, above all, organise the hen and stag party.

bridesmaid wedding Toulouse
Maid of honour at the Domaine of Rochemontes


The bridesmaid

is not at all essential to the smooth running of a wedding. Its title is purely symbolic, but for some, just as important. It is a tradition that comes from the United States: the bride having to assemble a team of close friends, who must be single women, to accompany her on the big day.

The bridesmaids often have to follow a dress code. These are often dressed in the same way, or at least in the same colour, to stand out from the other guests.


The children of honour

are added from time to time by couples and therefore boys of honour et girl of honour, will add a touch of cuteness, of course, but they will also wear the wedding rings, take up the collection during the religious ceremony...

child of honour church toulouse
Child of honour in church - mjphotographers.com

13. Choose the Wedding Planner (optional)


A wedding planner is a professional to whom you will entrust the organisation of your wedding. This profession comes from the United States where 8 out of 10 weddings are entrusted to them. In the United States, they are known as wedding consultants or bridal consultants.
In France, between 5 and 10% of weddings are managed by wedding planners. A figure that is constantly increasing.

The wedding planner will be like the conductor of your wedding. You will tell him your desires, your criteria, your constraints, your budget. He will select for you the best wedding service providers, give you ideas, find solutions to your constraints and advise you.
He is there to make your preparations easier and save you time: he is your unique interlocutor!
Of course no decision is taken by the wedding planner who is there to accompany you and not to impose his choices!



Of course, it all depends on the range in which the provider works and his experience, but in general, the service will be around 2500-3000€ all inclusive.
However, with some wedding planners you can opt for a variable rate. To do this, the collaboration between you and the professional starts with the agreement of a percentage. There is no fixed amount. The fee will be based on the estimated budget. But in the end, only the aspects taken care of by the wedding planner will be taken care of when the invoice is paid. As far as the percentage is concerned, it is about 8 to 15% of the total budget.



In your searches you will surely come across DJs, caterers and venues who will also offer to organise your wedding.
You should know that the job of Wedding Planer cannot be improvised. There are training courses for these professionals. Even if it will surely be less expensive to use a service provider with multiple hats, a real specialist in the field will almost always be a better choice.


wedding photographer Plaisance du Touch
Entry of the bride in Plaisance-du-Touch - mjphotographers.com


Lack of time

: organising a wedding from start to finish takes a lot of time and energy. In addition, the risk of making mistakes or forgetting things can be very stressful.


: because you live far from the place where you have booked your reception venue.

For lack of ideas

By stress

Because you dream of an exceptional wedding

So that no one around you

tries to impose their ideas on you.

Just to enjoy!

In any case, don't worry about being dispossessed of your wedding. It is you who will decide how independent your wedding planner will be. Remember that this is YOUR wedding and therefore all decisions will come from you.


wedding domaine de Montjoie Ramonville Toulouse
The bride and her fan at the Domaine de Montjoie



Organisation from A to Z

: this is what is most often done. The WP will consult you every time there is something to decide, but will take care of all the search for providers, venues and decorations.

Partial organisation

: you want to outsource only part of the organisation. This will be similar to the previous point, but with fewer providers on offer.

D-Day coordination

: You've had the courage to organise everything, but for your big day, you want someone else to be the conductor and solve the little problems that arise. Your goal: to make the most of it!

14. Choose the caterer

Catering is usually the most expensive part of a wedding. It is a key expense item, so it is best to choose it with care.

First of all, have you thought about checking that your venue does not require its own caterer?



The safest technique is to use word of mouth. If you have already chosen a wedding planner, ask them for recommendations. In their career, they will surely have had the opportunity to try several and form an opinion on the taste of the products, but also on the quality of the service.
Another way to meet caterers in your area is to attend a wedding fair near your reception venue. This can be a good way to meet service providers face to face, to get a first impression and to taste sample menus.



The first step is to check the availability of your candidates.
Once this pre-selection has been made, ask to take part in a test wedding meal, a sort of life-size tasting with typical wedding menus that the caterer is used to producing. Please note that this tasting is usually charged at the price of a good restaurant.
You can also ask to receive their book which you can consult to see the sample dishes.



Ask what the time limit is and what the surcharge is if you exceed it (which often happens in weddings).
From what time will his teams be on site?
Will he set up the tables and chairs himself?
Will he take care of setting up your decorations?
Is it possible to hire the crockery and tablecloths? The furniture? For what budget?
Is the service included in the quote?
How far in advance of the reception can you change the number of guests?
Does he offer wine and alcohol? Can you choose or bring your own alcohol? Do they charge a corkage fee?
What do they offer for children? For the service providers?


On average, the cost of a caterer for a wedding can vary between 50€ and 120€ per person. For a wedding of 100 people, the cost of the caterer can thus be between 5000€ and 12000€ for the most reputable providers.

A meal organised in the form of a buffet will be less expensive than a plated service, as fewer staff are required, which will have a fairly significant effect on your quote. A plated service will also take longer in terms of timing.
It is possible to mix the 2 with for example the hot dish at the table, then cheese and dessert at the buffet.

Getting married out of season can be a good way to negotiate the price. This advice is actually valid for all wedding providers.



The date of your wedding
The location of your wedding and the places where the different moments will take place, in particular the cocktail party and the dinner.
The particular and technical conditions of the place (catering office, equipment available, verification of electrical standards, etc.)
The overall planning of the day
The number of guests
Your budget
The style of your day
Your wishes
Special information (allergies, diet, tastes, ...)


wedding domaine de montjoie ramonville Toulouse
Cocktail at the Domaine de Montjoie (31) - mjphotographers.com

15. Book the photographer and/or videographer


This is the first question to ask yourself: what is important to you?
- To have a lot of very clean posed photos.
- Or, on the contrary, to have real life moments as if the photographer wasn't there.
- To have a summary of the most important moments (especially of the bride and groom) of the day in video, or to have a maximum of things that happened told in photos.
- To have rather bright or rather dark images.

There is nothing to stop you wanting to have the day told in photos with most of your guests while having a video summary more focused on you.
It's only a question of budget.

The big first question is going to be whether you want posed photos or whether you want to hire a wedding photographer who does photojournalism (reportage actually).
The second question is going to be whether you are more likely to capture your memories in photos or video or both.

wedding domain montjoie ramonville st agne toulouse
Secular ceremony at the Domaine de Montjoie (31) - mjphotographers.com



If you are going to do photography and video, you may be tempted to have the same person do both, but in my opinion this would be a mistake. Even if the service provider you find is a very good photographer or videographer, or both, they will not be able to do a good job doing both at the same time.
Generally speaking, don't think that a good photographer is necessarily a good videographer and vice versa. They are two very different disciplines and approaches.

wedding domaine rochemontes toulouse

Couples session at the Rochemontes estate (31) - mjphotographers.com



Are you available for my date? Do I need to explain? ?

What is your experience? Is it a beginner who will surely be cheaper but may be surprised by the many unforeseen events of a wedding day or is it a regular who will have already solved many problems.

If you are ever ill on the day of the wedding, will your replacement have the same style as you? Actually the same style never happens, but a forward thinking photographer should have some contacts of photographers who look like him in his notebook.

Can you show us a complete wedding reportage? This will be a very good way to see what the real level of your future photographer is. It's one thing to see your best photos on your website, it's another to have good photos of a whole day.

What kind of equipment do you use? Then find out if it's really professional equipment or if it's entry-level. Check in particular that your photographer works with at least 2 cameras (in case one of them breaks down) and if his cameras have 2 card readers (which allows to save photos on 2 cards at the same time in case one of them breaks down).

Do you do a couple's session before the wedding? This is a great way to get to know your photographer so that you feel more comfortable with him on the day. It will be an opportunity to see how you look in his photos.

What is included or not in your package? In order to avoid unpleasant surprises such as paying for the downloading of photos for the guests or the delivery of the report with low definition photos.

How long will it take you to deliver the story? It is not uncommon to hear stories of photographers who have not returned the photos after 6 months. It's best to check how long it usually takes and especially to check what is written in the contract.

Will there be any travel or hotel expenses? Personally, I have chosen to include expenses in my packages, but in general, it is something to plan for in addition.

Will the photos be retouched? If the answer is no: run away! Even the best photographer in the world works on his photos to get them to their maximum before giving them back.


The Fine Art

The images are rather clear and bright, with rather pastel tones. These photos have a very soft and elegant look.
However, the photos keep some contrast, the dark tones remain dark all the same. The idea is not to have overexposed photos, but to have a typically silver rendering (photos made from film, not with a digital camera). Some fine art photographers also offer film-based services, but these will be much more expensive due to the cost of film and laboratory development.
In fine art, the photos are often posed even if they are not all posed. Very rarely, you will find photojournalists with a fine-art rendering, which is what I offer with my work.

The Moody

Here we are at the opposite end of the fine-art spectrum as far as colours are concerned. Photos in this style are going to be rather dark and high contrast. With almost grey greens and rather beige whites.
You will find moody photographers who have rather warm photos (more in the yellow) and others who are rather into cold photos (more blue).


He is a Fearless Photographer able to put himself in any position, to face any situation to get the "wow" photo that will win a contest.
In terms of colour, in general, Fearless wedding photographers offer a lot of black and white. Of course, they also do colour images and this time the colours are quite often saturated. The reds, blues, yellows, oranges and greens are quite vivid.
It is the photographer who can suggest "crazy tricks", completely atypical framing, unimaginable points of view.
He also generally uses coloured flashes a lot to create something different in his photos.
He is above all a photojournalist.

wedding photographer cote d'azur
Ball opening at the pins penchés (83) - mjphotographers.com


This type of photographer will favour hot shots. His idea is to erase himself as much as possible to be able to capture real moments, like a journalist doing a report for the press. He uses the wide angle lens a lot and tries to contextualise his images as much as possible to give them several levels of reading thanks to the different shots.
In terms of colours, he will propose a lot of black and white photos, very contrasting.


This is the photographer who will give you photos with colours faithful to reality, without working on them too much, simple and classic framings, rather posed photos (group photos, couple photos...). It is more with this kind of photographer that you are likely to find sepia photos in terms of B&W.

The Mixed

Often photographers will come up with a mix of several of these styles. Ce sera à vous de voir quel mélange est le plus proche de ce que vous attendez, parce que évidement, il n'y a pas de bonne ou de mauvaise façon de faire, il y a juste la façon qui vous correspond à vous.

I, for one, am a mix of Fearless and fine art. Improbable isn't it? And yet ?



For fine Art, I couldn't find a site, but it must exist. You can start with this google search.

If you like moody style, I recommend the address book of La mariée aux pieds nus

Fearless photographers, will be on the official website of Fearless photographers but not only.

Photojournalists, will be many on websites like :


wedding photographer les pins penches Toulon 83
Secular ceremony at the pins penchés (83) - mjphotographers.com

16. Choosing the ceremony officiant

The commitment ceremony or lay ceremony is a symbolic ceremony that allows you to share with your spouse, with your loved ones, this solemn and moving moment that makes your wedding day so unforgettable and magical!


This ceremony is not governed by any code, you can do absolutely anything you want with it. It must be in your image and celebrated by people of your choice, either by a member of your family or by someone whose job it is to guide you and write a text very close to you.


If you don't want this ceremony to be a boring affair where speeches follow one another without any logical sequence, you need a common thread. You need a beginning and an end with highlights in between.
Are there any rituals that have a symbolism that corresponds to you, what highlights do you want to find there?
The entrance of the bride and groom, the readings, the rituals, the exchange of vows, the exchange of wedding rings.... are key moments that can be found in your ceremony and that can be imagined in an original or traditional way according to your wishes.



This will give a more intimate feel to the ceremony, but it could become a lot of pressure for the person who will be responsible for it, especially if he or she has never done it before. This is the person who will write the text that you will see on your wedding day. It's best to be sure of your choice.
Don't panic, if your choice is a relative, you can still order a custom speech from a professional officiant.


The first advantage is that he will give a much more solemn feel to the ceremony. Secondly, as this is his job and he will normally be experienced, he will be a good conductor and will be able to brief all those likely to speak in advance.



On average for a complete service the prices will be around 780€.



Here is a first link that should help you a lot:


wedding photographer toulouse reception domain beyssac

The mother of the bride officiating
Domaine du Beyssac (31) - mjphotographers.com

17. Administrative procedures (file, contract...)


1. Choose the commune of the wedding.
2. Collect a marriage file from the town hall.
3. Request a birth certificate.
4. Choose witnesses.
5. Submit the complete file to the town hall.
6. Go to the hearing at the town hall.
7. Choose the date of the wedding.

Voici un official link



- A birth certificate (less than 3 months old)
- An identity document
- Proof of address.



This procedure at the town hall is free of charge.


Here is what the official .gouv site says: "In the absence of any particular step, the spouses are subject to the regime of the legal community. If the spouses or future spouses want to opt for another matrimonial regime, they must draw up a marriage contract. The use of a notary is compulsory.
Le oficial link



It depends on the amount of the goods to be covered, but you can ask for a quote beforehand. On average it is between 350 et 500€.

wedding photographer signature toulouse town hall
Signature at the town hall - mjphotographers.com

18. Trying on and ordering wedding outfits


I made a little article about all this, with lots of pictures. You can find it on this link : OUR WEDDING DRESSES



In order to try on dresses in the shop, it is essential to make an appointment with the boutique. This allows you to have an advisor to accompany you and help you go through the models.
If you have fallen in love with a model seen in a catalogue or on the internet, remember to ask if it is available in the shop. This is not always the case.
Depending on the shop, you should make an appointment between 8 and 12 months in advance, especially if it is a custom-made model.
If you are in a hurry, then avoid weekends.
The final choice is usually made 6 months in advance.
Make your budget in advance and give the price range to the saleswoman who will then be able to guide you more easily in your choices.

wedding chateau longpre ariege pamiers 09
Fluid dress at Chateau de Longpre (09) - mjphotographers.com


You can get prices on the old collection... if there is still a model in your size. You will have to make an appointment around September-October.
However, you will be asked to come back to see the new collection.

Small alterations such as hemming or waist adjustment are usually included in the price of the dress. However, anything that will transform the look of the dress, such as the shape of the neckline, will be extra.

The average price of a wedding dress is estimated at around 1500€. In the big brands they will be between 60 and 700€, in traditional shops the range will be 500 to 2500€ and for bespoke dresses it will be between 1000 and 3000€.
For haute couture, you will need to budget at least 4000€.



In general, you should allow 1h30 to 2 hours. You will have time to try on 3 to 6 dresses.



Wear little or no make-up to avoid staining the dresses, and flesh-coloured underwear is preferable but not mandatory. Sheath panties If you plan to wear one on your wedding day, a bra with removable straps can be very practical.
If you plan to wear heels or high heels, bring them along. The shop assistant can lend them to you if you need them. This allows them to see where to hem and alter the shoes once they are worn.

19. Choose the dj and musicians

The DJ

In the same way as the reception venue, the caterer or the decoration, your DJ contributes to the image and atmosphere of your wedding. It is therefore important to take stock of what you want to convey to your guests during this unique event.
Before you start looking for a dj, you need to be clear about what you want. Do you want him to play the songs of your choice or do you want him to take care of the whole atmosphere? Do you want them to play games like battles, motivate your guests or keep it low key?
Don't hesitate to contact several dj services and meet with different people to see if the feeling is as good live as it is through a web page.
If you have the opportunity, ask to attend a performance by your future dj. This will be a very good first indication of what they are capable of doing.



In your (very important) blacklist there may be songs as well as whole styles that you don't like. This will be a first element to check your compatibility with the one who will take care of your dance floor.



1. What is his field of action? Is he or she an entertainer (so not necessarily comfortable with the turntables)? Dj (donc pas très à l'aise avec le micro et la gestion de groupes) ? Ou les deux? (l'idéal)
2. What is his experience? Does he have any experience IN MARRIAGE especially.
3. Will you see each other to prepare for the evening? Even if you know exactly what you want, it is very important that you have someone with experience of this who can guide you in your choices. Il aura besoin de voir la salle aussi pour se faire une bonne idée de l'éclairage et la sono nécessaire, si c'est lui qui les fournit. Vérifiez le temps qu'il lui faudra pour s'installer, cela vous permettra de l'inclure dans le timing de la journée.
4. What equipment do you have? Sound system, lighting, microphone... Est-ce que tout ce matériel sera compris dans le devis ? Si jamais vous avez à louer du matériel, assurez-vous en amont que le dj le connaît et qu'il saura s'en servir à son meilleur potentiel.
5. What do you do if you have broken down equipment on the day? It would be best if he had spare equipment with him on site.
6. What are the times you will be there? Start by checking how late you have the room available. Pensez qu'il faudra du temps au dj pour démonter toute son installation.
7. What are your rates? Well, yes ? in general, if you want a good performance with good options, don't go below 900 to 1000 €, otherwise you'll be exposed to surprises. From 1500 €, you should already have a very complete top-of-the-range service.

dj wedding domaine Rochemontes 31
DJ for the evening at the Domaine de Rochemontes (31) - mjphotographers.com



Word of mouth.
Music rental companies often work with DJs. Don't hesitate to ask them to put you in touch.
Caterers, hoteliers and other venue hire companies. DJs often work for them.


In order to choose the right musicians for your wedding, it is advisable to get information beforehand. The first option is to ask the owner or manager of the venue where the celebration will take place for advice. Indeed, the owners have made various contacts during previous weddings and have often been able to judge the quality of the various services offered.

Opt for a band or musician with a wide repertoire. You can make a list of songs that you would like to see played on your ceremony day. For example, a band may not play every style and song, but may have a wide repertoire. Knowing this in advance helps to guide you in your search for the right musicians for your wedding. As with the DJ, you should also make a shortlist.



Again, word of mouth will be very useful.
Caterers, hoteliers and other venue hirers will have seen a few groups and will be able to give you interesting feedback.

On search directories. Although I'm not a fan of provider directories at all, because whatever the trade, they always mix a bit of everything and anything and the ones you'll see first will only be the ones who pay their most expensive subscription, not the ones with the best ratings or the most experience.
In any case, you can start by doing a pre-search on these directories and then try to find the websites of those who have caught your eye.



Don't ask them to play songs that are not in their style, or else assume (it could be a very good surprise) to let them play them in a completely different way.
If it's a small band, don't keep them too late (11pm maximum), otherwise it will be difficult to get everyone back on the dance floor.
Musicians should be placed out of the weather, to avoid damage to instruments and direct sunlight.
Also remember to provide food and drink for the band. They often travel from quite far away and at meal times (6pm/8pm), so they do not have the opportunity to eat before or after the performance.



You will not find serious musicians who will travel to your reception for less than 200/230€ TTC per musician for a 2 hour performance. The price can go up to 300€ per musician, or even more for renowned musicians.
In general, a duo will be quite sufficient.

wedding party miroir des lys 31
Wedding party at Miroir des Lys (31) - mjphotographers.com

20. Choose the bar staff (this can be the caterer)


During the vin d'honneur you will need a bar. It could be a classic table with self-service refreshments, but if you want it to be something more advanced with cocktails or even with entertainment, it's time I explained what is a mixologist.



A mixologist creates tailor-made cocktails. The difference between a bartender and a mixologist is inventiveness. A mixologist is often a former bartender who, through years of experience and practice, has become able to twist existing cocktail recipes to create new ones. But that's not all, the mixologist plays with tastes, textures and colours. To go further, you can search for the terms ccryo-mixology and molecular mixology.



For a classic cocktail party, prices vary greatly depending on the services requested and the quality of the alcohol, but count on a minimum of 12€ per person, and up to 60€. For a flair bartending service, i.e. with a bartender who juggles, count on a package around 750€.


There are all kinds of bars. Here is a list of the most frequently encountered ones, which you can possibly combine:
1. Oyster bar
2. Tapenade bar
3. Pasta bar
4. Burger bar
5. Hot dog bar
6. Fondue bar
7. Donut bar
8. Spread bar
9. Popcorn bar
10. Ice cream bar
11. Bread bar
12. Cheese bar
13. Candy bar
14. Lollipop bar
15. Bubble bar
16. Water bar
17. Hot drinks bar
18. Cocktail bar (we just talked about it :) )
19. Beer bar
20. Flower bar
21. Syrup bar (this is more for the children)


wedding photographer metairie du chateau
Syrup bar at the Métairie du château (31) - mjphotographers.com

21. Choosing the decoration and flowers


If you have worked well from "10. Creating your inspiration board", you should have a better idea of what you want.
Did you know that you can call on the services of a so-called wedding designer? It can happen that the wedding planner is also a wedding designer, but it is not systematic.



Unlike a simple decorator, a Wedding Designer has several attributes. Not only does he or she have to know how to create a concept in its entirety while working on the layout of the space and solving concrete problems in relation to the size of the room, for example, but he or she also has to find the right compromise to combine the aesthetics of the event with the technical constraints that may interfere with its implementation. As you can see, there are many things to consider!
It is true that the decorators will largely participate in the visual conception of the event because they will make the centerpieces, a bridal bouquet and a dozen of bench edges, flower the whole wedding... But the Wedding Designer goes much further.

More details on the wedding academy website: what does a wedding designer do?


wedding photographer la metairie du chateau
The bride and groom's table at the Métairie du Château (31) - mjphotographers.com


The event decorator must be able to create and propose a concept from A to Z for an event. This includes the layout of the space, the aesthetic choice of the decoration (in order to meet the clients' expectations as much as possible), while taking into account the technical constraints of the venue. Unlike the wedding designer, on the other hand, he will not propose any creations.



It's not just about buying flowers. Each service provider usually has a signature look, and it is this that should make you want to contact them rather than someone else. This is why I would advise you to start your research with online portfolios rather than going straight to the shops.
Take the time to look at the reviews of the bride and groom, as nothing beats the feedback of real customers, they will be the best ambassadors!
Don't forget to ask what is included in the service: before you sign anything, make sure you and your florist are talking about the same thing. Will they simply deliver the flowers or will they also help you install the wedding flowers? Is delivery and installation included in the price quoted by your supplier?


services wedding photographer Toulouse rings
Wedding ring cushion with white flowers
- mjphotographers.com



You should expect to pay between €800 and €3,500.
More details here on the blog of mariee.fr : wedding decoration prices

22. Take out wedding insurance


Some insurance companies offer cover for protection when a wedding is cancelled. The same applies to postponing the ceremony to a later date. Every year, 1% of the 200,000 to 300,000 weddings held in France are cancelled.
There are a multitude of reasons why a wedding date may be cancelled. Apart from the obvious Covid restrictions, your reception hall may become unavailable at the last minute due to a natural disaster, you may have an ascendant who passes away.



You will be reimbursed for the non-refundable costs.
As for the price: it will cost you between 1 and 3% of the total budget. This means that for an average wedding with a budget of 12,000€, it will cost you between 120 and 360€.


Unable to rent the room and decorations.
Hospitalization of a parent or grandparent of the couple.
Inability of the spouses' family to replace sound equipment and furniture
A bomb threat preventing "essential" guests from attending the event
Unexpected resignation of the caterer or florist a few days before the wedding.

23. Ordering invitations


Yes, as for 9. SEND SAVE-THE-DATES TO YOUR LOVED ONES and if you were the author of this invitation (well, almost)
You have the possibility to go on the website Canva and do a simple search for "wedding announcement" to see dozens of examples to modify.



If you are in need of inspiration, you will find a lot of examples on this link: Monfairepart.com
This is the time to ask yourself if you are going to put the address of your wedding list on it or if you are going to distribute it through another channel. I'll give you other ways to distribute it at "28. Send invitations and wedding list".
Very important: remember to ask for a response and possibly a number of people present and, above all, set a deadline for response.



If you want to announce a wedding without an invitation, you will have to be very diplomatic. On the announcement, include the greeting that the event will be held behind closed doors. Also indicate that this is a wish that is dear to you.



When it comes to printing your chosen design, choose a paper with a weight of at least 120g/m², ideally 350g/m². If you are aiming for the highest quality, you should use Arches vellum, made from cotton fibres.


As with the save the date, you will be able to include a photo of your engagement session


wedding photographer portugal couple session
Couples session in Lisbon (Portugal) - mjphotographers.com


Since you are ordering prints, you will surely save on postage costs if you also order thank you cards to be sent after the wedding, unless you want to include photos of the day.
I will explain in point 52. Ordering programme cards and thank-you cards what to put in it.